Menny Even-Danan

this is me, when I was young, back in 2010.
  • …does:
  • AnySoftKeyboard - highly customizable, plugins based virtual keyboard for the Android OS.
  • Spotify - making Spotify's mobile infrastructure awesome.
  • - a pretty static system and software blog.

A software engineer, programing enthusiast, technology seeker. Not a real blogger. He, him, his. Father for Hagar, Netta and Ofir. Husband to Erela Portugaly.
I live in New York, NY.

I like the technology era in which we live: we have powerful CPUs* , lots of storage, fast internet connection, our mobile devices are wonderful, there are frameworks for everything from distributed computing to exceptional UI, and everyone is sharing.

*I'm pretty sure the "powerful CPUs, lots of storage,...." statement is already out-dated (see Moore's law).